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Welcome to the Lemonade Stand, A Positivity Podcast for Women with a focus on serving mature women into the next chapter of their lives in a determined and fun way (cause it’s my favorite age so far!). I am Lauri Mackey, a Certified Holistic Health Coach who promotes three elements of holistic health: psychological, physical, and social well-being. I believe that if you can find and maintain balance in these areas that you have the greatest capacity for happiness in your life. Life experiences and knowledge has made me a cheerleader of hope, a promoter of physical fitness and maintaining a healthy diet (I favor a whole food, plant-based approach), and then showing up in the world with the greatest capacity to serve. This service is why I started this podcast - to bring together the world’s leading experts on having fun, showing up as our authentic selves, and just plain finding tips, hints, ah-ha moments, and life lessons to help in our journey. “Sucking Lemons” moments happen to all of us, but this podcast is here to teach us how to make our own “Sweet Lemonade”.
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Jul 18, 2016

The respect you’ll find for Rhonda Waidmann lies at the other end of this podcast interview.  Sometimes you think you know someone from the outside looking in, but then you delve deeper and find a hero.  Heroes are found in everyday life and in everyday circumstances.  Rhonda has endured much, but has also fought for much and is still fighting to help others to this day.  Enjoy this down to earth interview and get inspired to create positive change with a smile in your neck of the woods!

Jul 11, 2016

Get your 3-Step Guide to accomplishing your next goal with Incredible Passion!  I tell you about my high school diploma quest as an adult after age 40 and the empowerment that brought about in me.  I also tell you why I was motivated to start this podcast specifically for women over 40.  Wishing you crazy, incredible passion to make your dreams come true!

Jul 4, 2016

GEOCACHING!  Irene Thomas is a kindred spirit that cares about others, animals, and this planet.  She is an incredible freelance writer who recently wrote an article about Geocaching for The Costco Connection and I thought, “people should learn how to do this!”  It’s fun, it’s easy to get started and something you can do by yourself or with your family or even small groups.  Check out this episode and let me know your “geonick” once you’re signed up!

Jun 27, 2016

Eddy is famous now for his journey of “Eddy’s 60 Days of Sunshine” which you can download for free at just by subscribing to our bi-monthly emails.  Know anyone who could use some love and support, and SUNSHINE?  This is the answer!  Listen to Ed Mackey’s journey of depression and learn how you can help someone who may be down what Eddy calls a “rabbit hole”.

Jun 20, 2016

Elizabeth Johnston is warm, fun, encouraging, patient and beyond that…totally willing to help you find your creativity through writing!  Want to write a screenplay?  Want to write your Life Story?  Want to write poetry?  Want to learn how to be consistent in keeping a daily journal?  Elizabeth is your gal!  Test-drive this podcast, but buy into her talent and skills at!

Jun 13, 2016

Jenny Oaks Baker has the sweetest smile and the steeliest determination when it comes to not wasting time!  Prayer and Practice are her motto and she is passing this wisdom on to her dear family of four.  Dubbed “America’s Violinist” with her Grammy nomination and 14 albums under her belt, you will soon not be wasting your time as you listen to her inspiration and her funny moments behind the camera of filming her videos.  See what’s in store next with Jenny Oaks Baker!

Jun 6, 2016

Danielle Omar is definitely a kindred spirit!  I love her stories of becoming a registered dietitian and creating  You simply must check out her 21-day Nourish Program with the next one coming in Fall 2016 that she offers only three.

May 30, 2016

Merrilee Boyack has established a pattern in her life of not only living through adversity, but beating them down with a sledgehammer.  She just never gives up.  She is an advocate for good and right in this world.  She is an established attorney, is currently on the board of Family Watch in the state of Utah and is about as down to earth as Aunt Jemima.  Fun, feisty, and fearless, you’re going to LOVE this interview!

May 23, 2016

Kristi Ling is true to her word.  She is just a doll to listen to and is truly living what she preaches in her new book, Operation Happiness.  Learn how creating happiness in your life is a learned skill and not something that can or cannot randomly happen to you.  Feel empowered, motivated, and best of all, HAPPY after listening to this uplifting interview!

May 16, 2016

Chef AJ is full of life, an excellent memory and has the key to Ultimate Weight Loss.  She is funny, she is a skinny bitch, and she loves to sing song parodies about weight loss.  You will not be disappointed in this amazing episode with the talented, vivacious, Chef AJ!

May 9, 2016

Jo Ellen was instantly my best friend from the moment we got on the phone and figured out how to upload her Skype since getting a new computer before starting our interview!  She is completely down to earth and I love the fact that she practices smiling and that we eat Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups exactly the same way (even if mine are vegan!).  You’re gonna fall in love with Jo Ellen Soesbee and this lovely episode!

May 2, 2016

Lindsey rocked my socks at Sea Otter 2015 and had me jumping offledges on my mountain bike.  She is super-fun, butsuper-skilled and is the best coach for women out there.  Ifyou want to be inspired and figure out how to handle yourself on abike and in your life, this episode is for you!

Apr 25, 2016

Joi lives up to her name - everything she creates brings joy to others.  Owner of Joi Cafe' in Westlake Village, California she uses this space as a hub for her creativity.  Joi is on a mission to save the planet and she is definitely embracing her part.  Her story of hitting rock bottom and finding her way up is inspiring.  Let Joi motivate you through this episode of her journey.

Apr 25, 2016

Rebecca is one of my heroes.  After reading her book, Rusch to Glory, I loved and admired her even more.  Beyond her accomplishments lies a grit and determination that is only tempered by her kind demeanor.  Rebecca is the real deal, folks.  This episode will only confirm what I already know - she is wicked awesome!

Apr 22, 2016

Who is Lauri Mackey and why has she created Lauri's Lemonade Stand?  This episode explains her passion behind the positivity podcast and the ripple effect she plans on sharing with women everywhere.  Check out this short intro episode and then connect with Lauri through her website, Facebook page, blogspot, youtube and don't forget to subscribe to her Lemonade Updates on her web page.  Can't wait to share many more Lemonade Moments with you every Monday!

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